Introducing EGSS

The electric
golf board
share scheme

Increasing golf
course revenue

without costing
a penny

Here’s how

How the scheme works

Increase the
number of golf
rounds played

On average, rounds take 30% less time
with a golf board, allowing golfers to play
36 holes in a single day if desired.

Attract a
new demographic
of golfer

The golf boards have been proven to
bring in new golfers from other clubs, plus
encourage others to take up the sport.

Add extra
value for existing

The perfect compliment to your fleet of
buggies, the golf boards are proving popular
with members of all ages.

revenues for
zero cost

With EGSS supplying and maintaining the
golf boards, there’s no outlay for the golf club –
simply make profit from every ride.

golf board

The golf board

The EGSS golf board is becoming a gamechanger for golfers of all ages across the breadth of the UK. Similar to an electric scooter, the golf board navigates a course with ease.

The onboard innovative IoT device enables every vehicle to be tracked via GPS, with sensitive areas geo-fenced off such as greens, bunkers and tee boxes.

And the best thing about the EGSS golf board?

It won't cost you a penny.

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The Golf Board The Golf Board Intelligent controller display Mobile phone holder Direction control (forward, park, reverse) Scorecard and golfball holder 10.5 inch tyres Golf bag mount Smart IoT controller
Maximum speed: 15 MP/H
Range per charge: 30-50 miles
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Lithium battery: 60V/18.2AH
Motor: 2 x 450W
brushless DC
Material: Aluminium alloy
Max elevation: 20 degrees
Net weight: 63KG
On turf PSI: 6.25

“After just a few holes, you will quickly agree that golf boards are by far the most fun you will ever have had on a golf course”

Golf Monthly

The EGSS App

Available on all iOS and Android devices, the EGSS app is completely unique to the market, giving golfers and club owners full control over the golf boards.

Features include:

  • Booking management
  • Full unlocking of the golf board for use using the QR code scanner
  • Contactless payment
  • Live golf board tracking via GPS
  • Accident/damage reporting
  • Geo-fencing of sensitive areas
  • Receive discounts and special offers
  • Profitability reports

How it works

It couldn’t be simpler for your golfers to use the app and start riding:

  1. Download the app:
  2. Register details to create an account
  3. Locate the courses that currently offer the EGSS golf boards
  4. Use the QR scanner to unlock a golf board
  5. Pay for the ride and away you go!

“The EGSS board is an operators dream; from a member or guest and a back of house persepective. They have incorporated everything you can think of, with both the facility and player experience in mind.”

Freddie Rexstrew, Director of Golf, Centurion Club


How does the revenue scheme actually work?

At the end of each month, the golf club will receive a detailed report of each vehicle’s usage and revenue. The golf course will receive payment 30 days after receipt of this report.

How many rentals can I expect per day?

From a fleet of 10 golf boards, you can get upwards of 15 rentals a day.

What is the electrical cost per golf board?

On average it equates to 30p per round.

What does it cost the golfer to hire a board?

We have a bespoke cost per golf club. Our minimum is £15.

Who insures the boards?

EGSS has a £2million Public Indemnity cover per course.

Will this affect my buggy rental income?

We have found this does not affect buggy rentals. It appeals to a different demographic, and our pricing model is developed to compliment and not compete with your existing buggies.

Can you run promotions on the boards?

We can run promotions through our app to increase rentals.

What if the board gets damaged?

The person that rented the vehicle is liable for any damages caused due to negligence. Our smart app makes the rider take a photo of the vehicle at the end of the ride for our team to review daily. The app also gives the rider the ability to report any damage or faults on the vehicle.

What impact does the golf board have on turf?

The golf board has a similar footprint to a golf buggy, and actually has a considerably smaller PSI than that of a player walking around a course.

Does the golf boards need to be under shelter?

The vehicles do not need to be under shelter but in a safe place with easy access for golfers.

How do you charge the golf boards?

We will discuss the best option for each golf course. Our qualified electrician will then install a charging station in the agreed location.

What if a golf board is not operational?

Our maintenance team will collect the faulty vehicle and replace it with an operational unit on the same day. Our technical team runs daily diagnostics on all golf boards remotely to pick up any problem.

How do you ensure the greens and the course is protected?

We use the latest in GPS tracking along with geofencing to protect your course. If a rider attempts to drive in a prohibited area, the vehicle will automatically switch to reverse. Our technical team is notified immediately on our system.

Who will explain the golf board process to the golfers?

During the opening week, we will have a staff member on-site to show golfers how it works along with promotional material on site (banners, Flyer etc.)

Book a demo
or find out more

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    Alternatively you can email our team at:

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